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Data exports

There's a lot of data behind What's on the Menu?: a mix of simple bibliographic description of the menus (created by The New York Public Library) and the culinary and economic content of the menus themselves (transcribed by you). Now we're opening it up.

All data generated through What's on the Menu? is available in two ways:

Spreadsheet Exports

On the 1st and 16th of every month, we'll post a complete export of all menu and dish data collected so far (menus, dishes, prices, and more).

Download the latest data export in CSV format (12/01/22).


As the first project of NYPL Labs, we're happy to announce that Menus is also the first NYPL project to have a public API. In fact, we use this exact same API to build many of the features of this site.

You can learn how to use the API on our Github page, but you can get started now by sending us an email with the subject API ACCESS and a description of your project.

Also, feel free to add issues you've found using the API via our Github issues page.

What's an API?

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