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Lt: Blue Ribbon Prime Sirloin Steak, (14 Ozs. Or 10 Ozs.) A Big Hunk Of Beef In Any League....For The Hearty Eater, A Most Succulent Cut...Broiled To Your Own Individual Liking...Guaranteed To Strengthen You For Any Blocking Assignment. For The Gourmet #10 Pinot Noir, Paul Masson Bottle 3.25 Half Bottle 1.75

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Low: $4.95-$6.95 → High: $4.95-$6.95

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Earliest: 1968 → Latest: 1968

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“LT: Blue Ribbon Prime Sirloin Steak, (14 ozs. or 10 ozs.) A big hunk of beef in any league....for the hearty eater, a most succulent cut...broiled to your own individual liking...guaranteed to strengthen you for any blocking assignment. For the gourmet- #10 Pinot Noir, Paul Masson Bottle- 3.25 Half bottle 1.75”: