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Our Game Plan Unlike Football, Our "Game Plan" Does Not Change From Week To Week. Our "Plan" Is Simple And Constant: To Serve You The Highest Quality Food, Delicately Prepared For The Most Discriminating Appetites, And Served In A Relaxing And Congenial Atmosphere. In The Preparation Of Fine Cuisine, The Human Element Is The Principal Ingredient. The Artistry Of A Fine Chef Demands Minute Attention To Details Please Remember The Preparation Of A Delicious Meal, Like The Development Of A Good Team, Requires Time. The Success Of Our Plan, As In Football, Depends Primarily On Our Execution. However, We Must Also Rely On The Patience Indulgence Of You, The Customer. Please Let Us Know Any Way We May Make Your Stay More Enjoyable. Johnny Unitas And Bobby Boyd, Your Hosts.

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“Our Game Plan- Unlike football, our "game plan" does not change from week to week. Our "plan" is simple and constant: to serve you the highest quality food, delicately prepared for the most discriminating appetites, and served in a relaxing and congenial atmosphere. In the preparation of fine cuisine, the human element is the principal ingredient. The artistry of a fine chef demands minute attention to details Please remember the preparation of a delicious meal, like the development of a good team, requires time. The success of our plan, as in football, depends primarily on our execution. However, we must also rely on the patience indulgence of you, the customer. Please let us know any way we may make your stay more enjoyable. Johnny Unitas and Bobby Boyd, Your Hosts.”: